Jun 11 2017

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4th callout in less than a week

The team have been called by the Police 8 times in the last week to assist in various incidents. Out of those 8 calls, 4 have resulted in a full team callout with the 4th this afternoon.

the team were called out for the 4th time in a week with a call to an injured walker near Top Tor on Dartmoor

We were called to assist the ambulance service with the evacuation of a lady who had taken a fall to the west of Top Tor, sustaining a lower leg injury in the process.

Our volunteers were with the casualty in less than 25 minutes from getting the call where we packaged her on to our stretcher, carrying her to Hemsworthy Gate and the waiting land ambulance.


The lady was taken to hospital to have her injury assessed and we hope she is back on her feet again soon.


Recent team callouts ……

It is a little known fact that volunteer Mountain rescue Teams such as Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton, don’t just cover areas of mountains or wild country. We are a resource available to the Police, ambulance and fire services 24/7 and can assist in rural and urban searches as well as flood rescue.

You can read more about how Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton helps to rescue those in need, regardless of whether they are residents or visitors to Devon below:


You can show your support for our vital service that not only rescues injured and lost walkers, but also finds vulnerable people including dementia and Alzheimers patients. If your relative went missing, who would search for them? Well rest assured our volunteers will, anytime day or night. Please click to support. Thank you.

Dartmoor Rescue relies on donations to help those in need. Become a supporter by joining dart2ZERO and help save lives. http://www.dart2zero.org.uk

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