Jun 24 2017

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Cause for concern at Kennick Reservoir

On Friday evening the team were called to assist Devon and Cornwall Police with a suspicious scene at Kennick Reservoir between Hennock and Christow. The scene was suspicious in that it gave concern that a member of the public may have been injured in the area and hence a search was required to check nobody required medical help.

A Police Dog and National Police Air Service helicopter were used for an initial search, and forensic officers were called to examine the scene and undertake analysis to determine whether the cause for concern was justified.

Fortunately the forensic team came quickly to the conclusion that the scene was not what it appeared and the team were stood down shortly after arrival.

Recent team callouts ……

It is a little known fact that volunteer Mountain rescue Teams such as Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton, don’t just cover areas of mountains or wild country. We are a resource available to the Police, ambulance and fire services 24/7 and can assist in rural and urban searches as well as flood rescue.

You can read more about how Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton helps to rescue those in need, regardless of whether they are residents or visitors to Devon below:


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