In case of emergency, dial 112 or 999 and ask for the Police

    Calling 999 from a mobile phone

    Calling the emergency services from a mobile phone

    The short video gives important information about dialing the emergency services from a mobile phone in the event of an accident. It answers important questions such as:

    • Can you dial either 999 or 112 in the UK to call the emergency services??
    • How can you call when your mobile phone is showing no signal?
    • Or if somebody in your party is unconscious and their’s is the only mobile,  how can you bypass the phone security to make that important call and potentially save their life?

    All this and more is explained simply and clearly.

    So be prepared and watch the video as it could save the life or a family member of friend.


    You need to register your mobile phone before being able to alert the emergency services, including mountain and cave rescue, via SMS text message.  This is best done before you need help. You can register by sending an SMS text message from your mobile phone as per the graphic below.

    Please note: Although the graphic below states 999, you can register for the emergency services text system by dialing either 112 or 999 as they are in effect, the same service.


    More information can be found at the following website:

    Using a Satellite Phone

    If you are using a satellite phone for an emergency, the 999 service is not available to you as it is not treated as a land-line number.  The following link provides some advice regarding usage in an emergency – and provides a link to the UK Police Force emergency land-line numbers (Drawbacks section approx half-way down) that you can programme into the phone, depending on the area you are walking in.

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