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    Weather can change rapidly on areas like Dartmoor. We have had been called out to rescue walkers and campers more than once who have set out on a glorious sunny day, only to get caught out as the weather has changed and the temperature dropped. Becoming wet in inappropriate clothing has caused them to get cold and very quickly they are in trouble bordering on hypothermia.

    So we highly recommend getting an up to date weather forecast as part of the preparations before you set out and make sure you are equipped appropriately to cope with any deterioration in the weather.

    There are many different resources and apps available to help you understand what the weather is going to do. It's always worth checking more than one weather forecasting site as they do vary on occasions. It's also a good idea to check out sites that provide up to the minute rainfall radar images/animations as well as they can give you an eye in the sky as to what is just over the horizon and on its way to you!

    Some of our favourite ones are as follows:


    Mountain safety – What to do in an emergency.

    Additional advice is available on the Walks Britain website Important advice about calling the emergency services from a mobile phone is available at the following page:  Click here. With all the different rescue agencies in the UK such as Mountain Rescue, Cave Rescue, The Coastguard, RNLI and The Police, the following leaflet includes general advice as …

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    The links are provided in good faith to external websites that don’t necessarily reflect the views of the team but include information that could be of interest or value.  As for all Internet sites you should undertake your own research regarding the content and information provided. If any of the links are no longer working or contain offensive material, please let us know so they can be removed.

    River level monitoring

    Powdermills weather station

    Haytor weather station

    Mountain Weather Information Service


    Met Office SW Weather

    Environment Agency Flood Monitoring

    My Weather 2 Dartmoor

    Metcheck (TQ13) 

    Mountain Rescue the Facts

    This short video gives an overview of what the unpaid volunteers in over 50 teams across England and Wales.

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