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Volunteer Doctors enhance medical care for casualties

Last night's training exercise was a joint agency exercise where we worked with BASICS Devon volunteer professional Doctors who specialise in expert medical care where lives hang in the balance.
Dartmoor Rescuers begin to enter the water at Haytor Quarry to reach a casualty
A scenario involving a fallen climber stranded on a difficult to access ledge was set on Haytor Rock, and 2 separate water-related incidents around the pond at Haytor Quarry involving a deteriorating hypothermic casualty and another who needed an emergency leg amputation due to a foot entrapment in the water and a deteriorating cardiac condition.
Dartmoor Rescue volunteers attend a casualty on a stretcher whilst a BASICS Devon Doctor looks on.
Team members and BASICS Doctors worked alongside each other to effect smooth rescues with expert casualty care being received on-site at the casualty locations.
Our Team Leader Keith said: 'The exercise was designed to get a better understanding of the skills of each organisation and how best we can work together to ensure the best outcome for the casualty.  We always pick up valuable learning points from these exercises and last night was no exception. The good news is all three casualties were rescued safely and received effective expert medical care even before they had reached the ambulance. Had this been a real incident, the joint working between us and BASICS Devon would have given them the best chance of a good recovery. '
A casualty receives CPR on a Dartmoor rescue sled after being rescued from a rock ledge by a pond
You can find out more about BASICS Devon at The volunteer Doctors are tasked by the South Western Ambulance Service control room. Many call-outs they respond to are to the victims of major trauma, often involving road accidents.
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LIBOR bank fines fund rescue training for volunteers

Over the last two weekends, Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton volunteers alongside sister Dartmoor teams Tavistock and Plymouth,  and representatives from Exmoor and Cornwall search and rescue teams,  attended a training course funded by the LIBOR financial fines which have been made available to Mountain Rescue for 'train the trainer' activities.

Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton attend LIBOR funded rope rescue training

The volunteers participated in the regional rollout of Mountain Rescue England and Wales Rope Rescue Operator Instructor courses delivered by climbing equipment manufacturer Lyon Equipment. The course focussed on being able to execute safe and effective rope rescues and to cascade that training to their teams. The course attendees refined their skills in using technical equipment to access casualties in difficult steep ground or cliff faces and were given training on how to deliver that content back to their home teams.

 Rope rescue skills are regularly used by  Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton for the extraction of casualties from the bottom of the River Dart gorge near Poundsgate, to rescue climbers from the cliffs at Haytor and for steep ground searches.  
 Rope team lead Simon Rhymes from Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton said "This training course was a great opportunity for 6 of our volunteers to extend both their personal rope rescue capability and instructing skills under the expert tuition of Bill, Mark and Mike from Lyon Equipment.  With these new found skills we can continue to extend the professional service we offer to our local community."
Rope rescue train the trainer courses for mountain rescue delivered by Lyon Equipment
Bill Batson from Lyon Equipment said “Lyon Equipment has a long history of involvement with mountain and cave rescue in the UK and we very much enjoyed delivering rope rescue instructor training to Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton and other rescue teams from the Peninsula Mountain and Cave Rescue Association.  We are delighted that the team members attending the course found it both useful and enjoyable.”
Several banks and financial institutions were fined for fraudulent rigging of the London Inter-Bank Offered Rate, which was widely used to set other interest rates throughout the world. The Government announced proceeds from the fines in the UK would go to support armed forces and emergency services charities and other related good causes.
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Thursday, 10 September 2015 16:07

Major exercise tests emergency services and volunteers

Last night a large multi-agency search and rescue exercise took place on the River Dart at Newbridge, Dartmoor. A problematic area for communications consisting of rapid river levels increases, steep ground and difficult access.

Major exercise tests emergency services and volunteers

Teams from Devon and Cornwall Police and Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service were joined by voluntary sector Mountain Rescue Teams including Tavistock, Plymouth, Exmoor and Ashburton. The objective of the exercise was to promote inter-team working and best practice, as well as to test major incident handling at Bronze and Silver levels.

The scenario included 5 casualties who had decided to construct a homemade raft and got into difficulties after leaving Dartmeet, failing to arrive at the River Dart Country Park. A member of the public who alerted the authorities to the incident had got themselves involved as they slipped whilst ascending steep ground whilst trying to get a mobile signal.

Deployed teams consisting of members of all organisations were then tasked to search areas along the course of the river to locate and rescue the casualties.

Alec Collyer, Ashburton and Dartmoor Rescue Group Chairman part of the organiser team for the event said ” A major full-time / voluntary inter-agency search and rescue exercise is conducted at least once a year and tonight’s proved to be very successful. The Upper Dart Valley is a difficult area for all the agencies involved, hence sharing skills between the full-time and voluntary sector is vital to ensure any potential incidents are dealt with effectively.”

“The casualty sites required different problem solving challenges and they were purposely made awkward to test the teams.’

“Following the event, debriefs are being held to correlate learning from the exercise and the findings  will be used to improve operational procedures across all agencies.”

Alec also highlighted the contribution of the volunteer casualties. “We are very grateful  to all the members of the public who volunteered as casualties. Without them the exercise wouldn’t have been possible or as successful as it was”

Multi-agency exercise - Newbridge


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Tuesday, 25 October 2016 08:34

Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Success

Congratulations to the 16 team members who passed their Mountain Rescue Casualty Care assessment at the weekend, especially to those taking it for the first time. The MR Cas Care assessment is an advanced qualification above the standard levels of first aid competence that all our members have to have.


The team now has 34 qualified advanced ‘Cas Carers’ within the team, which is something we are very proud of. The success is testament to the time and effort put in not just by our volunteers to train, revise and take the exam, but also to our Medical Team lead by Dr Rich and Dr Tas, who put in a considerable amount of their own time to train our volunteers to the standard required.

We extend our congratulations to the volunteers who also took the assessment from other teams across the region.

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