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    Sunday, 24 February 2019 10:52

    Camper sustains a head injury.

    Callout 05/2019 - Harford Moorgate, 01:27 24th February 2019

    Our team of volunteers had an early start this morning with a callout at 01:27 to locate and evacuate a camper with a head injury from Piles Copse near Harford Moor Gate.

    A small group of campers spending the evening at Piles Copse had some unplanned excitement when one of the group sustained a head injury. in response to the group calling the ambulance service to report the incident, a team of paramedics, Police officers  and DSRT Ashburton team volunteers were dispatched to the RV at Harford Moor Gate on the moor to the north of Ivybridge.

    A team deployed via Landrover towards Sharp Tor to walk into the reported location in Piles Copse, whilst a second Landrover deployed to a high point to the north of Harford Moorgate to act as a radio relay for communications to the casualty site.

    Once deployed the radio relay noted a torch light that appeared to be signalling towards their position from just south of the reported casualty position. It redirected the foot team to the location who confirmed it was the casualty we were looking for.

    Casualty location and team GPS tracks at Harford Moorgate for a callout in the early hours of 24th February

    One of our team Doctors and a SW Ambulance Trust paramedic completed an initial assessment of the casualty's injury and decided he didn't require a stretcher and was fit enough to be walked off the moor.  A team Landrover and Ambulance service vehicle met the party at New Take and transferred the casualty to the waiting land ambulance at Harford Moor Gate, where he was taken to hospital for further treatment.

    Team Search Manager Craig Scollick said: 'We are very grateful to our volunteers who attended this incident in the early hours of this morning. Working with our ambulance service and Police colleagues, we were able to bring this incident to a close reasonably quickly and stood down our members at 04:30. Fortunately, the campers had torches that made it much easier for us to locate them. We recommend always carrying a torch when walking/camping on Dartmoor as they can really make a difference in an emergency situation as this incident showed. We wish the camper a speedy recovery from his injury'

    The team were stood down at 04:30 and returned home to their beds. One member then had to be up and ready for work at 07:00.

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    CALLOUT 01 / 2018 - 08:00  6th JANUARY 2018

    We've been part of one of the biggest searches conducted in recent years all day today looking for a missing male from Ivybridge.

    The largest Devon and Cornwall Police search for a missing person in recent years conducted on Dartmoor to the north of Ivybridge. Our volunteers at our control vehicle ready for deployment.

    Multiple agencies were involved including:

    - Our own team volunteers,
    - Devon & Cornwall Police, 
    - Search and Rescue Dog Association (SARDA) dogs, 
    - Devon and Cornwall Police dogs
    - Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service dogs
    - Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team - Plymouth, 
    - Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, 
    - National Police Air Service helicopter from Exeter, 
    - Devon and Cornwall 4x4 
    - and more than 100 members of the public.

    We arrived on site at 08:00 this morning. Slightly later than planned as our team vehicles assisted with advanced warning using our blue-lights, and clearing of an accident on the A38 at Rattery caused by a member of the public's vehicle spinning in the icy conditions - we hope she's OK.

    Teams searched areas to the north of Ivybridge including Erme Woods and the moor up to the north of Harford Moorgate and Burford Down focusing on wooded areas up until stand down around 4pm this afternoon.

    Unfortunately, the man we were searching for remains missing despite a number of unconfirmed sighting of him during the day.

    UPDATE - Monday 8th January: Following the search on Saturday 6th January, the missing person turned up at a family member's house in East Devon today.




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