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Callouts 2015

Saturday, 05 October 2019 16:14

Landrover Dart52 unpacked

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Ever wondered about the kit we take to our call outs? Watching Masterchef and everything seems to be a deconstructed something or other, so we decided to 'deconstruct' (or unpack) our DART52 Landrover 110 ambulance. DART52's service in Mountain Rescue begun with the Scarborough and Ryedale team in Yorkshire before she came to Devon to start her service with us. This Landrover, callsign DART 52, has been christened 'Pauline' in memory of one of longest-serving members Pauline Richards who sadly passed away whilst on duty with the team at this year's Ten Tors Challenge. <- Read more ->. Pauline was…
Friday, 04 October 2019 14:25

It's not just about training and callouts

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More to us than training and rescues “I think it’s wonderful what you do”. Most Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) members will have heard this from members of the public and have replied with modest thanks. But what we do is, in fact, wonderful but not simply in the way that outsiders mean. To be part of the 60-strong Ashburton team is to belong to family which, precisely because it is close-knit, operates so efficiently when called upon to find “the lost, missing, injured and vulnerable”. To strut our stuff effectively involves training most Wednesday nights, more often than not out…
Friday, 04 October 2019 14:15

More than just mountains

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An ordinary Saturday I’m a very ordinary dad and it was a very ordinary Saturday. As a bit of a treat my wife and I thought we’d take the kids to a local café for tea. No sooner had we sat down than there was scream then a crash from the kitchen, next moment one of the kitchen staff came out and all we heard was ‘We need an ambulance straight away - the Clipper Café, Shaldon…’. Lots of people do first aid courses and think they know about first aid. I know that until I joined Dartmoor Search and…
Friday, 04 October 2019 13:57

The challenges of looking for the missing

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The worst part of a search The worst part of any search is when the team has failed to find. Eight hours is reckoned the maximum members can search effectively before exhaustion kicks in. At some point the Search Manager in the Dart 02 control vehicle will radio RTB (Return to Base). Because each search party will have been monitoring radio traffic, it is unlikely that this instruction will mean that a missing person has been found by us. We would probably have heard. It may however mean that they have turned up somewhere else, as has happened on more…
Tuesday, 30 July 2019 17:06

On manoeuvres with the army

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Meet our volunteers - Becky Becky joined us in 2016 keen to spend even more time on Dartmoor and do her bit to help others. Living in Torbay and when not wearing her red jacket she's a broadcast journalist who works for the British Forces Broadcasting Service. "I was spending lots of time on the moor with work whether that was with the Royal Marines on exercise or Royal Navy recruits in training. I learnt my basic navigation skills with the marines and then spent some of my own time learning more advanced techniques. So inevitably joining the team was…
Water rescue training for flood incident responses We aren’t always training on the moor. Last night we were in the South Hams in S Devon training on the water at Aveton Gifford. The village sits alongside the River Avon, also known as the River Aune. Why do we train there? Well there is a tidal road that is submerged by the incoming tide that on spring tides is covered for about two hours before and after high tide. This gives us conditions that are the nearest we can get to recreating a flooding incident, such as when we were called…
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