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Thursday, 31 December 2020 10:26

Fallen walker - Combestone Tor

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Callout 49/2020 - Combestone Tor 12:37 30th December 2020 Dartmoor Search & Rescue Ashburton were deployed yesterday by Devon & Cornwall Police to locate and evacuate an elderly male walker who had taken a fall near Combestone Tor. The reporting person (a passing member of the public) gave a location about 200m SW of Horn’s Cross. South Western Ambulance service and HART had also been requested. A full team callout was initiated at 12.45 and very soon after that a team member already walking in the area was deployed to the given location arriving at 13.10. By this time the…
Saturday, 19 December 2020 17:46

Flood Relief - S. Devon and Cornwall

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Callout 48/2020 - Various locations 23:00 18th December 2020 The water team have been placed on alert and are on standby at our rescue centre awaiting deployment to assist with flood relief if required. A Dartmoor Search & Rescue team leader was seconded to the silver command structure at Devon & Cornwall Police headquarters, and a team comprising of 7 swift water rescue technicians, 2 vehicles, rescue raft and drivers were assembled at the team base. The team were on standby for four hours & at approximately 23:00hrs were tasked to check a known flood risk location near to Newton…
Wednesday, 25 November 2020 08:26

Missing person, Ivybridge

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Callout 47/2020 - Longtimber Woods, Ivybridge 15:24 24th November 2020 On Tuesday 24th November Dartmoor Search & Rescue Ashburton were contacted by our sister team DSRT Plymouth to assist with the search for a missing vulnerable male who has been missing since Saturday. DSRT Ashburton team members searched the Northern area of Longtimber Woods, Nr Ivybridge, searching paths, woodland and stretches close to the River Erme. With no sighting of the missing male, a halt to the search was called at approximately 20:00hrs, with the likelihood to resume searching the following day. DSRT Plymouth continued their search on subsequent days…
Saturday, 14 November 2020 09:06

Lost walkers, Holne moor area

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Callout 46/2020 - Puffy Billy track, Bittaford 18:30 13th November 2020 Dartmoor Search & Rescue Ashburton were contacted by Devon & Cornwall Police at approximately 18:30hrs after two walkers had reported themselves lost on a hike near Avon Dam. They judged that they had walked a considerable distance but had no means of determining their position. Their phone was low on battery so any call to gather information about their route had to be kept very short. Whilst the full team were placed on stand by at 19:07hrs, a 2nd search manager was tasked to speak to them and quickly…
Saturday, 14 November 2020 09:04

Lost walkers near Avon Dam

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Callout 45/2020 - Avon dam, Shipley Bridge 16:00 4th November 2020 The team were called out by Devon and Cornwall Police to assist in a search for two walkers in their 70s who had become lost north of the Avon Dam reservoir near Brockhill Stream. An advance party was dispatched while the remainder of the team were being mobilised. By 1630 the walkers had been found by the advance party and as they were fit and well walked off the hill. The remainder of the team were then stood down. The Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton Search Manager said 'The…
Tuesday, 03 November 2020 08:02

Missing vulnerable person, Dartington

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Callout 44/2020 - Dartington 05:00 2nd November 2020 The team were called out by Devon and Cornwall Police to assist in the search for a vulnerable 20 year old male who was last seen at his home near Huxhams cross, Dartington at 8:30pm on Sunday evening Twelve of our volunteers assisted in the search and were split into three teams, two searching high probability wooded areas with one team performing a river bank search. Due to the poor weather conditions no helicopter support was available. At 0730 the missing male was found by a member of the public near Rattery…
Tuesday, 13 October 2020 10:14

Lost walkers near Grippers Hill

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Callout 43/2020 - Holne moor 20:16 5th October 2020 The team were called out by Devon and Cornwall Police to locate two female walkers who had become lost as darkness fell. We were fortunate that they could be located by the SARLOC tool and were near Water Oak Corner, North of Grippers Hill. A team were quickly dispatched to their location and as the weather conditions rapidly deteriorated they were walked off the moor to a team Land Rover.They were then taken back to the road head at Cross Furzes. The team were stood down at 21: 19hrs.
Tuesday, 13 October 2020 10:12

Assist SWAST on Haytor

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Callout 42/2020 - Haytor, 15:04 29th September 2020 Dartmoor Search & Rescue Ashburton were deployed by #DevonandCornwallPolice to assist South Western Ambulance Service with the extraction of a female stuck halfway up Haytor Rocks with back pain. Initially only the rope team were going to be utilised, but upon further enquiries and the known nature of the injuries, it was decide a full team call out was needed. At 15:36, the full team were called and met at Haytor top carpark. Team members present were very quickly at the casualty site where a rope extraction and use of one of…
Tuesday, 15 September 2020 09:42

Person fallen on Low Man

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Callout 41/2020 - Low Man, Haytor, 15:12 13th September 2020 Dartmoor Search & Rescue Ashburton were called out this afternoon to assist a lady who had fallen from Low Man, the tor to the south west of Haytor Rocks. She sustained injuries to both legs and her chest. Our team members provided first aid then stretchered her from the rocks to the road head where she was transferred to a land ambulance. We wish her a speedy recovery. Team stood down at 16:45 hrs
Tuesday, 15 September 2020 09:41

Fallen climber on Haytor

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Callout 40/2020 - Haytor, 12:38 5th September 2020 Members of the Team's rope access group were called to Haytor to assist SWAST with a fallen climber.
Wednesday, 26 August 2020 15:22

Ankle injury on Trendlebere

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Callout 39/2020 - Trendlebere, 16:20 21st August 2020 The team were called out to assist South West Ambulance Service Trust (SWAST) with the extraction of a lady who had fallen and broken her ankle in the East Dartmoor Natural Nature reserve between Trendlebere Down and Drakesford Bridge. The original what3 words location seemed to be wrong – once we contacted the casualty’s sister it became clear that the casualty was closer to Drakesford Bridge. A local team member who lives nearby, was tasked to confirm the casualty site location and pass this onto SWAST & HART. Our team members assisted…
Friday, 21 August 2020 13:32

Assist DSRT Tavistock

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Callout 38/2020 - Ashreigney, 07:20 21st August 2020 The team were contacted to assist in the ongoing search for a missing high risk female near Ashreigney. The Exmoor and Okehampton teams had been searching during the night, then Okehampton were called away on another job on the North Moor. Exmoor then asked if Tavi could assist in the morning. As Tavi only had 9 team members available they asked us for support. Shortly after the team called out we were stood down as the individual was found safe and well
Friday, 21 August 2020 13:28

Lost family near Pupers Hill

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Callout 37/2020 - Cross Furzes, 11:35 19th August 2020 Dartmoor Search & Rescue Ashburton were deployed by Devon & Cornwall Police to assist locating a family who had become lost in poor weather after camping overnight near Pupers Hill. While the rescue team were on their way, the family contacted a local farmer who picked them up and drove them to the Lud Gate road head where they met the first of our team members arriving for the callout. After an assessment by our team doctor to ensure they were uninjured they returned to their car. The team stood down…
Monday, 17 August 2020 07:27

Lost walker - Haytor

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Callout 36/2020 - Haytor, 21:07 16th August 2020 Dartmoor Search & Rescue Ashburton were deployed by Devon & Cornwall Police to assist in locating a walker in the area to the rear of Haytor. Whilst the walker knew their location they were caught out by the thick descending fog. Using ‘phone find’ the team confirmed their location and two team members who were out running nearby were diverted to locate the missing person. A second search party were to deployed to accompany and walk the missing person safely back to their car. Team stood down at 22:01hrs
Monday, 10 August 2020 14:19

Injured female - Dart Valley

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Callout 35/2020 - Dart Valley - New Bridge, 15:37 9th August 2020 Dartmoor Search & Rescue Ashburton were deployed by Devon & Cornwall Police to an injured walker along the River Dart. A family of four had been walking along the river and crossed over to Long Island Ford where a female slipped between rocks and sustained a lower leg injury. Team casualty carers treated the female at the riverside and was stretchered off the island to a nearby vehicle who transported the female back to Newbridge car park to an awaiting ambulance. We wish the lady a speedy recovery…
Monday, 10 August 2020 14:18

Injured walker - Dart valley

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Callout 34/2020 - Dart valley - Beltor corner, 17:40 7th August 2020 A woman with a lower leg injury on the Dart below Bel Tor. Call was received at 17:30 (just after most of us had showered from the last call out) team stood down at 21:00 after handing the patient over to SWAST at the Bel tor car park. An exhausting stretcher haul up the Simonslake path, plenty of gorse scratches to go around. 18 team members attended.
Monday, 10 August 2020 14:16

Fallen climber at Chudleigh rocks

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Callout 33/2020 - Chudleigh Rocks, 11:43 7th August 2020 At around 11am on Friday 7th August, Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Ashburton were contacted by the police. Our assistance was requested to secure, stabilise and recover a person who had fallen whilst rockclimbing at Chudleigh rocks in South Devon. The team deployed three vehicles and 17 team members. Our team doctor, along with BASICS Doctors and paramedics from HART & air ambulance stabilised the casualty whilst the team conducted a technical rescue over vertical and overhanging rocks. Team members then carried the stretcher through woodland to an air ambulance landing…
Friday, 07 August 2020 09:55

2 lost females at Avon Dam

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Callout 32/2020 - Avon reservoir, 15:06 5th August 2020 At approximately 14:56, team SM, was contacted to assist with locating two female walkers near Avon Dam. One walker 70yr old, had fallen and had possible lower leg injury. The team were called out at 15:06, to RV, at Avon Dam. Two teams with a stretcher were then sent to assist D&C Police, who were already making their way to the casualties. Both casualties were safely evacuated from the moor. The elderly lady was treated by SWAST at Shipley Bridge car park. Weather conditions were not good and again proves that…
Friday, 07 August 2020 09:32

A busy week

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Callout 27/2020 - Bradninch, 18:00 23rd July 2020 Callout 28/2020 - Bradninch, 18:00 24th July 2020 Callout 30/2020 - Bradninch, 10:30 25rd July 2020 The team were called to assist in a multi-agency search for believed missing despondent from Bradninch. No signs were found that evening, and Exmoor teams took over the search with Ashburton and Okehampton teams planned to return over the weekend. Callout 29/2020 - Haytor, 16:010 24th July 2020 Third callout of the week to assist SWAST for a collapsed unwell casualty North of Haytor and east of Smallacombe. However the air ambulance was also involved and…
Monday, 20 July 2020 17:26

Injured walker - Haytor

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Callout 26/2020 - Haytor, 14:03 20th July 2020 At approximately 13:52, the duty search manager for DSRT Ashburton was contacted by South West Ambulance Service, to help locate a lady with lower leg injury. At 14:03 a full team call out was initiated to look for the lady in the area of Haytor. On arrival at Haytor car park information given by SWAST showed the missing lady was somewhere between Haytor Rocks and Smallacombe rock. A hasty team of 2 were sent ahead whilst we waited for the control vehicle and other members to arrive. At approximately 14:50hrs, the hasty…
Monday, 13 July 2020 17:39

Missing elderly lady in Newton Abbot

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Callout 25/2020 - Newton Abbot, 10:45 11th July 2020 On Saturday morning the teams SM’s were contacted by D&C Police, to assist in a search for a missing elderly lady in Newton Abbot. The duty SM and team leader met with D& C Police to discuss how best to assist. Having put members of DSRT Ashburton on stand by it was agreed that a limited number of members would be required and the remaining team members were stood down. Shortly after searching a small area near the river Teign, the lady was found safe and well. This was again another…
Wednesday, 08 July 2020 20:33

High risk missing person - Chudleigh

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Callout 24/2020 - Finlake nr Chudleigh, 09:51 8th July 2020 Dartmoor Search & Rescue Ashburton were deployed by Devon & Cornwall Police to assist in the search of male in the area of Chudleigh. This was a multi agency search with several police officers, including the police drone team, police search dogs, along with Maritime & Coastguard Agency helicopter. Several team members deployed to defined search areas on foot to commence their searches. Our sister team Dartmoor Search & Rescue Plymouth were later called out to assist in the search, however a member of public contacted police with information which…
Thursday, 02 July 2020 11:26

Walkers in trouble near Avon Dam

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Callout 23/2020 - Avon dam/Shipley Bridge, 18:35 1st July 2020 At approximately 18:35 the teams Search Managers were contacted by Devon & Cornwall Police, to say two females and a dog were stuck in rocks in a steep valley North of Avon Dam. At 18:50, a full team call out was initiated, this led to our regular Wednesday night training being cancelled and the team instantly switching from a training mode, to a full scale search and rescue incident. Team members were dispatched to a known location and the two casualties were found very quickly. Luckily they were not in…
Wednesday, 24 June 2020 16:05

Missing person - Woodland Nr. Ashburton

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Callout 22/2020 - Woodland Nr. Ashburton, 17:50 23rd June 2020 At approximately 17:50 hrs, DSRT Ashburton was called out to look for an 83 yr old high risk male in the hamlet of Woodland, near Ashburton. A team of 6 members was dispatched along with a search dog team from D&C Police to an area of wooded copse. It was during the search of the copse that the missing person was found. A second stretcher team was also dispatched to assist. The casualty was stabilised and treated at the scene by a team doctor. He was then taken to Torbay…
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