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Tuesday, 01 June 2021 11:00

Ambulance assist

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Callout 17/2021 - Huntingdon Warren 15:14 31st May 2021 At approximately 15:00hrs the team were contacted by Devon & Cornwall Police to assist with evacuating an experienced walker who had a suspected broken ankle near Huntington Warren. A full team callout was therefore initiated at 15:14hrs. One of our team members happened to be out on the moor nearby when he received the callout. Making his way to the location he assisted in loading the lady on to an air ambulance who conveyed her to hospital. The team were stood down at 15:44hrs. We wish her a speedy recovery.
Friday, 16 April 2021 08:13

Missing person, Sidmouth

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Callout 16/2021 - Sidmouth 16:08 15th April 2021 Shortly before 16:00hrs on Thursday 15th April the team were contacted by Devon & Cornwall Police to assist in the search for a high risk missing person in the Peak Hill area of Sidmouth. At 16:08hrs a full team callout was initiated. Alongside HM Coastguard, search areas were tasked with assistance from MRSDE search dog Oscar (DSRT Tavistock). Members covered a vast area of difficult terrain, however at 21:30hrs the team were stood down after the missing person had not yet been located. Devon & Cornwall Police are continuing with their enquiries.
Monday, 12 April 2021 18:43

Missing youth, Torquay

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Callout 14/2021 - Torquay 15:55 10th April 2021 The team were contacted by Devon & Cornwall Police to assist in a multi-agency search for a high risk missing individual in the Torquay area. The focus of the search on Saturday was in the steep coastal and inland areas between Watcombe Beach and Black Head. Agencies involved were: Torbay coastguard Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Ashburton Berry Head Coastguard Teignmouth coastguard Prawle Point Coastguard National Police Air Service (NPAS) Coastguard Helicopter - Rescue 924 RNLI Torbay RNLI Teignmouth Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Ashburton stood down at 20:00 hrs. Callout 15/2021…
Saturday, 10 April 2021 09:47

Missing elderly lady, Paignton

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Callout 13/2021 - Paignton 21:18 8th April 2021 Shortly after 21:00hrs the team were contacted by Devon & Cornwall Police to assist in the search for a high risk vulnerable missing lady living with dementia in the Paignton area. A full team callout was initiated at 21:18hrs with 16 members arriving at the rendezvous ready for deployment. As well as DSRT Ashburton, Devon Somerset Fire & Rescue, HM Coastguard, RNLI, and the National Police Air Service (NPAS) were also in attendance. The team were tasked with searching several regular walking routes of the female who had not returned home following…
Saturday, 10 April 2021 09:45

Missing young adult, Woodbury Common

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Callout 12/2021 - Woodbury Common 20:59 7th April 2021 Whilst on our weekly training exercise in the Saddle Tor area the team were contacted by Devon & Cornwall Police to assist in a search for a young adult on Woodbury Common. She was thought to have experienced a medical episode having not returned home from a walk & her phone was not reachable. A full team callout was made, the exercise aborted and our sister team North Dartmoor Search & Rescue were asked to stand by, pending improved understanding of the search tasking. Thankfully she was located by Police helicopter,…
Friday, 26 March 2021 09:28

Missing male - Teigngrace

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Callout 11/2021 - Teigngrace 15:00 18th March 2021 At approximately 14:30hrs, on Thursday 18th March, DSRT Ashburton were called to assist Devon & Cornwall Police in the search for a missing male in the Preston, Teignrace area of Newton Abbot. Due to the high concern for the individual, a full team call out was sent at approximately 15:00hrs. On arrival of team members, two search teams searched along both sides of the River Teign from Sampson’s Farm to Teign Bridge, and another search team carried out a sweep down from New Bridge to Sampson’s Farm. On completion of these searches,…
Friday, 26 March 2021 09:26

2 missing teenagers

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Callout 10/2021 - Bovey Tracey 02:49 17th March 2021 On 02:36hrs Wednesday 17th March the team were called by Devon & Cornwall Police to assist in the search for 2 vulnerable female teenagers who had been missing in the Bovey Tracey area since Tuesday evening. Thankfully whilst team members were en route to the RV the girls were found by a security officer and the team was stood down. Thanks to all who attended.
Friday, 26 March 2021 09:21

Missing person - Haytor

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Callout 9/2021 - Haytor 05:24 13th March 2021 At 04:57 the on duty search manager team was contacted by the Devon & Cornwall Police to assist in locating a cold and distressed male in his early 20’s, camping near Haytor Rocks. As the weather conditions on the moor were very hazardous with heavy rain, driving winds and very low temperatures, the team was quickly mobilised with a full team callout triggered at 05:24hrs. The Police helicopter was also tasked to assist. With the weather conditions as they were, the helicopter struggled to maintain a search pattern but credit to the…
Friday, 26 March 2021 09:18

Injured ankle - Haytor

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Callout 8/2021 - Haytor 13:35 2nd March 2021 At 1335 on Tuesday 2nd March the team were contacted by Devon & Cornwall Police to assist South West Ambulance Service with the extraction of a lady with a broken ankle on the northern side of Haytor Rocks. After contacting the lady directly to assess the situation, a limited callout was initiated with the plan of taking a small number of team members and a landrover to the lady's location. No sooner had the team been mobilised Devon and Cornwall Police control room contacted us to say that the South West Ambulance…
Saturday, 27 February 2021 10:53

Evacuation assistance

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Callout 7/2021 - Exeter 06:00 27th February 2021 At 7pm on Friday evening we received a request to join various local resilience forum discussions which continued late into Friday night. The conclusion was that 36 members of the Dartmoor Search & Rescue Ashburton team and a similar number of colleagues from DSRT Okehampton joined Coast Guard, Devon Somerset Fire & Rescue Service, Devon 4x4 response and REACT volunteers to assist Devon & Cornwall Police with evacuating over 2500 thousand properties in the Exeter area due to the discovery of an unexploded World War II bomb. The team were deployed for…
Tuesday, 16 February 2021 18:12

Lost walkers

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Callout 6/2021 - Shipley Bridge 15:20 14th February 2021 This afternoon the team were contacted by Devon & Cornwall Police, who had received a report from two female walkers that had become cold and frightened whilst on a walk from Ivybridge to Buckfastleigh. Team members were deployed from Shipley Bridge and Lud Gate (near Buckfastleigh) to a known position gained from the walkers mobile phones. Once located they were checked over by a team Dr and escorted by team members back to our control point to be collected by a relative. Whilst every team member is happy to volunteer their…
Saturday, 06 February 2021 18:41

Missing person

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Callout 5/2021 - Bovey Tracey 06:50 6th February 2021 The team were contacted at 06:50hrs this morning by Devon & Cornwall Police to respond to a missing person from the Kingsteignton area. Initial information led the police to request us to search locations in the Bovey Tracey area. Shortly after 10:00hrs a member of the public reported seeing a person matching the missing persons description in the area of Heathfield, Newton Abbot. Two team Land Rovers took team doctors and other personnel to the location where the missing person was assessed medically and handed over to South Western Ambulance Service…
Friday, 29 January 2021 14:20

Missing person - Honiton

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Callout 4/2021 - Honiton 01:50 28th January 2021 The team were called out during the early hours of Thursday morning to search for a missing person. Subsequently we have been part of an ongoing multi agency search in the Honiton area over the last 36 hours involving search & rescue teams from across the county, as well as DSFRS and of course Devon & Cornwall Police. During that time 35 team members from Ashburton have been out searching across three separate shifts. Woodland, farmland, rivers, paths and bridleways have all been searched with no further sighting of the missing person.…
Thursday, 28 January 2021 14:43

Snow plan standby and overturned gritter

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Callout 2/2021 - Holne 04:00 24th January 2021 Last night the team were placed on standby due to the snow and freezing conditions, with 10 team members & 2 drivers from Devon 4x4 response on standby from 2330hrs spending a very cold night at our rescue centre. Thankfully traffic was very light and we had no major incidents for most of the night . At around 4am we were tasked to investigate a report that a gritter had overturned & that contact with the driver had been lost. The team deployed in 3 land rovers to facilitate social distancing. On…
Sunday, 03 January 2021 10:03

Overdue camper - Hound Tor

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Callout 1/2021 - Hound Tor 00:15 3rd January 2021 Dartmoor Search & Rescue Ashburton were deployed to locate an overdue camper near Hound Tor - more details to follow...
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